Investor Bill Miller has donated $75 million to the Johns Hopkins University Department of Philosophy. “Philosophy matters,” says university president Ronald Daniels. “Philosophy defines what it is to be human, to lead lives that are meaningful, and to create societies that are just and humane.” Fund-o ergo cogito!

Was there a rainbow on the Verizon? A Turkish professor in Istanbul claims that Noah rode in a steel ark and called his sons via cell phone. We think he may have read this in Eugene Peterson’s The Message.

Jobs all around: Canada needs airline pilots, Alabama and Iowa are hiring, and Oregon and Georgia are booming.

Meanwhile, in Australia, a study reports 72% of graduates find full-time employment within four months of graduation, an improvement over last year. However, the study also identifies a trend towards more part-time employment for graduates.

A college admissions expert suggests American students can improve their odds and save money by applying to reputable schools in the UK. Or, if you prefer your jockeying to be more literal, Britain also has this opportunity.

The Motley Fool claims most teens don’t know enough about college costs. If you are one of them, see our Vital Stats.

Tuition blues: An indebted attorney explains “What I wish I knew about student loans.” A recent survey finds 51% of students needed to drop out of college due to lack of funding, while Brookings reports the student loan default rate will be 40% by 2023. Meanwhile, it’s going to cost taxpayers $800 million to collect on all of that bad debt.

On the bright side, Florida, Nebraska, and South Carolina are looking for ways to make college more affordable.

Show me you know civics: Missouri lawmakers consider a citizenship test as a requirement for a degree.