A study from Iceland finds that the genes which predispose humans to purusing advanced education are in decline due to negative selection: better-educated people tend to have children later in life, resulting in their having fewer children overall, leading to fewer future PhD candidates.

CNBC lists the top ten colleges where you can get the best financial aid deals.

Rich schools with big endowments have enjoyed 12% returns from the stock market on average, with the wealthiest 25 schools raking in over $25 billion last year.

The SUNY and CUNY chancellors ask the New York legislature for an additional $25+ million in funding for each of their systems.

Cuts for higher ed are under consideration for Missouri’s new budget.

ApartmentList.com notes: “Since 1980, the real median family income has grown by 25 percent, while the median home price has grown by 60 percent, and the average cost of undergraduate tuition has jumped by 160 percent.”

Tennessee students are taking on 17% less debt than before. The improvement is attributed to the Tennessee Promise Scholarship, which grants two free years of tuition at community colleges.

Illinois students increasingly seek out-of-state education. 46% of them did so in 2016, up from 29% in 2002. However, those students also attain a much lower employment rate than those who stay home.

The Walt Disney Company announces a $1,000 bonus for 125,000 employees. The company “will also make an initial investment of $50 million in a new and ongoing education program specifically designed to cover tuition costs for hourly employees.” Significantly, the supported coursework does not need to align with current job functions at Disney.

A survey of Gen Zers concludes they are “increasingly atheist, post-Christian and don’t go to church.”

A Maryland drone software company offers drone pilot license training at a local community college. The course is 90 days, online.  Alternatively, would-be drone pilots can pay $3,500 to attend Unmanned Vehicle University, which has an appropriately creepy homepage. There, you can sign up to “get contacted by one of our drone experts.” Thank you, no.