Trinity College (Hartford, CT) announces that next year’s tuition will be $71,660, a 3.9% increase. The president of the college also announces a new fundraising campaign which “will be critical to our ability…to create the future we want for Trinity College.” The school’s endowment is $577 million. The current president’s salary is $525,000, and the prior president’s salary was $1.6 million.

Four community colleges are participating in an experiment where they send text “nudges” to students to remind them about deadlines or inquire about study plans. The technology is provided by vendor Persistence Plus, whose tagline is “Nudging to College Completion.”

In an opinion piece, an environmental scientist questions whether students are well-advised to pursue degrees in solar and wind energy programs. Spoiler alert: he says no.

A consumer reporter from a Charlotte TV station offers suggestions for “Five In-Demand Jobs that Don’t Require a Degree.” One of the attractive options: air traffic controller, with an average salary of $156,000.

NYU and Brown University have now joined Harvard in announcing record-high applications for their classes of 2022. Harvard received almost 43,000 applications for approximately 2,000 seats. identifies “Five Top Community Colleges” (mostly in the midwest) with successful ag programs.

In Des Moines, a panel at Simpson College offers thoughts on anticipated future job needs. Speakers noted an increasing regional demand for healthcare services and data and statistical analysis.

A business school observer lists the “five hottest topics on the MBA curriculum in 2018.” As we remarked in a recent tweet, we don’t foresee a lot of students lining up to write $60K checks to study topics such as “soft skills” and “sustainability.”

A New Mexico university president reports on three “bad ideas” considered at the recent state legislative session: proposals to merge institutions, bust unions, and accelerate the college experience. We note he didn’t mention the state’s plans for mandatory college applications.

The Board of Regents at the University of Colorado considers how to offset increasingly negative opinions of higher education, especially among conservative students. “The reality is that conservatives feel that there’s not a place for them in higher education,” says one regent.

Lowe’s announces an expansion of their employee benefits, including increased maternity and parental leave, plus cash bonuses for 260,000 hourly workers. Notably, the company decided its workforce prioritizes these types of benefits over additional training.

In the UK, some of the largest private colleges experienced around a 20% one-year decrease in enrollment.

A global study concludes Gen Z “have abandoned old media altogether, choosing to get their news from Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.” The shift accompanies Gen Z’s “nearly universal distrust of the media.”