Facing a $4.5 million budget deficit, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point announced plans to eliminate 13 humanities majors (including English, art, history, and philosophy) and increase offerings in areas such as business and technology. The changes are intended to improve career placement for graudates. The Wisconsin State Journal adds, “Some tenured faculty may be laid off as a result of the changes, though it’s not known how many.”

Two for-profit schools in the Denver area are merging to create a single non-profit institution known as Ashford University. However, the new plan must be approved by federal and state regulators. Given the stigma attached to for-profit schools, conversion to non-profit status is expected to become a trend.

Wake Forest University describes the “win-win” results of summer internship programs for undergraduates and employers.

Memphis-area high schools in the Shelby County system are partnering with local colleges to give students “early college” experiences. As the Commercial Appeal reports, this approach blurs the lines between lower and higher education, in a positive way. Previously, only 9.6% of Shelby County seniors have met ACT benchmarks for college readiness.

We stopped reading this article after its headline, and suggest you legit do the same: “Professors Banning Laptops May Legit Be Causing Problems for Gen Z Students Beyond Just Inconveniencing Them.”

Revised data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Illinois achieved a payroll figure of 6.07 million jobs last summer, a record high mark for the state. The BLS also recently reported that Connecticut lost 500 jobs in the manufacturing sector in 2017 but added 6,300 jobs overall. California has also enjoyed job growth, especially in the Bay area, leading to record employment levels.

A hearing this week in the Ohio House of Representatives displayed the controversy associated with its consideration of a plan to shift authority over higher education from the Board of Regents to the governor.

Due to a pervasive problem with plagiarism, including a scandal related to a recent prime minister’s doctoral thesis, Romania will adopt compulsory courses in academic ethics for graduate students.

The Lexington Herald Leader provides tips for improving success with online job applications, including details on how to overcome the resume-screening Applicant Tracking System software used by most large companies.

Were you born between 1977 and 1985? If so, congratulations! The important people who monitor these things have given you your own demographic category known as “Xennial.” As one article explains about Xennials, “Stereotypically they’re not quite as bitter as the notoriously cynical Generation X, but aren’t as socially liberal or optimistic as the average millennial either.” Stand by for upcoming articles about what you like and need and how marketers can best speak to your special generation.