Vital Statistics

Here are the big, key figures on the average costs of college, average student debt amounts, and employment rates.


Estimated Annual Student Budgets (2017-18)

These figures include tuition, room and board, and other expenses to estimate the average total costs of attending college for one year.

Two-year public, local: $18,000

Four-year public, in-state: $25,000

Four-year public, out-of-state: $41,000

Four-year private: $51,000


Federal and State Student Aid (2016-17)

Total Federal Grants (Pell, LEAP, etc.): $40 billion

Ten-year increase: 102%

Total Federal Loans (Perkins, Stafford, etc.): $95 billion

Ten-year increase: 31%

Total State Grants: $11 billion

Ten-year increase: 22%


Student Debt (2019)

Total Outstanding Debt: $1.52 trillion among 44 million borrowers

Average debt per borrower: $33,000

Average monthly debt payment (ages 20-30): $350

Delinquency rate (90+ days past due) as of 2017: 11.2%


Average Textbook Prices (2016)

New: $80

Used: $51


National Employment Rates for 20-24 Year Olds (2016)

Completion of Bachelor’s degree: 88%

Completion of High School: 77%


Total U.S. Unemployment (2019)

Bureau of Labor Statistics (U-6) Unemployment Rate: 7.0%

Shadowstats Alternate Unemployment Rate: 21.0%




Sources: The College Board, NACS, The Federal Reserve Bank, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, NCES, BLS, Shadowstats